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de Lijster, G.P.A. (author), Kok, G. (author), Kocken, P.L. (author)
Background. The development of school-based programs for preventing adolescent sexual harassment often lacks an evidence-based approach and use of proper theories. Appropriate stakeholders are often not involved in the development process. To help improve this process, we used the Intervention Mapping framework to retrospectively evaluate the...
article 2019
Mevissen, F.E.F. (author), van Empelen, P. (author), Watzeels, A. (author), van Duin, G. (author), Meijer, S. (author), van Lieshout, S. (author), Kok, G. (author)
This paper describes the development of a Dutch online programme called Long Live Love+ focusing on positive, coercion-free relationships, contraception use, and the prevention of STIs, using the Intervention Mapping (IM) approach. All six steps of the approach were followed. Step 1 confirmed the need for a sexual health programme targeting...
article 2018
van Scheppingen, A.R. (author), ten Have, K.C.J.M. (author), Zwetsloot, G.I.J.M. (author), Kok, G. (author), van Mechelen, W. (author)
Companies, seen as social communities, are major health promotion contexts. However, health promotion in the work setting is often less successful than intended. An optimal adjustment to the organisational context is required. Knowledge of which organisation-specific factors are relevant to health promotion is scarce. A Delphi procedure is used...
article 2015