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van Diggelen, J. (author), van den Broek, J. (author), Schraagen, J.M.C. (author), van der Waa, J.S. (author)
This paper proposes a human-centered approach to Dynamic Position-ing systems which combines multiple technologies in an intelligent operator sup-port system (IOSS). IOSS allows the operator to be roaming and do other tasks in quiet conditions. When conditions become more demanding, the IOSS calls the operator to return to his bridge position....
conference paper 2018
van den Broek, J. (author), Schraagen, J.M.C. (author), te Brake, G.M. (author), van Diggelen, J. (author)
There are different opinions and strategies on how to deal with the transition to fully autonomous systems. In this paper, we will address the human factors challenges when a mixed-control approach is chosen, and develop the key concepts for human-automation collaboration design for highly automated settings. In addressing autonomy and the role...
conference paper 2017