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Preenen, P.T.Y. (author), Vergeer, R. (author), Kraan, K.O. (author), Dhondt, S. (author)
This article develops and examines the idea that internal labour flexibility practices are beneficial for labour productivity and innovation performance of companies. This is tested in two studies using unique company level datasets. In Study 1, results obtained from 377 independent companies revealed that internal labour flexibility practices...
article 2017
Montalvo Corral, C. (author), Moghayer, S.M. (author), Boonman, H.J. (author)
The goal of the European Committee is to achieve 3% of the GDP by 2020, which could create 3.7 million jobs within the European Union. For achieving this target, the European Commission continued the track of the Lisbon Strategy into the 2020 Strategy enacting amongst other the initiative “Innovation Union”. Given the importance of innovation,...
other 2015
Montalvo Corral, C. (author), Mohammadian Moghayer, S. (author)
Innovation is currently seen as a cornerstone not only for economic development but also as an intrinsic human activity that could help to face the great challenges of human kind. Given the importance of innovation in the new European 2020 Strategy, measuring progress but also monitoring what drives innovation becomes crucial for policy...
other 2011