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Instituut CIVO-Toxicologie en Voeding TNO (author), Porter, M.C. (author), Kuijpers, M.H.M. (author), Mercer, G.D. (author), Hartnagel Jr., R.E. (author), Koeter, H.B.W.M. (author)
The iv pathogenicity and toxigenicity of Protaminobacter rubrum was studied in New Zealand White rabbits and CF1 BR mice. Following a probe study, nine groups of six rabbits each were injected iv with: 1 ml of viable-cell suspension (VCS) at concentrations of 2.23 x 108, 106, 104 and 102 organisms/ml; the cell-free supernatants (CFS; in which...
article 1991
Medisch Biologisch Labortorium TNO (author), Polak, R.L. (author), Cohen, E.M. (author)
Sephadex filtration of serum from rats 10 min after injection of 50 μg/kg of 32P-sarin demonstrated that about 70 per cent of the radioactivity present in the serum was attached to molecules with a molecular weight above 10,000. Incubation of samples of this serum with oximes caused a decrease in the amounts of 32P attached to the large...
article 1970