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Fierloos, I.N. (author), Windhorst, D.A. (author), Fany, Y. (author), Mao, Y. (author), Crone, M.R. (author), Hosman, C.M.H. (author), Jansen, W. (author), Raat, H. (author)
Aim: Media use may strengthen parents’ capacities to deal with parenting issues. This study examined which factors are associated with media use for parenting information. Design: Cross-sectional data of 658 parents of children aged 0–8 years, gathered in the CIKEO cohort study in the Netherlands, were analysed. Methods: Multivariable logistic...
article 2022
Sappelli, M. (author), Verberne, S. (author), Koldijk, S.J. (author), Kraaij, W. (author)
We collected human - computer interaction data (keystrokes, active applications, typed text, etc.) from knowledge workers in the context of writing reports and preparing presentations. This has resulted in an interesting dataset that can be used for different types of information retrieval and information seeking research. The details of the...
conference paper 2014
Verberne, S. (author), van der Heijden, M. (author), Hinne, M. (author), Sappelli, M. (author), Koldijk, S. (author), Hoenkamp, E. (author), Kraaij, W. (author)
In most intent recognition studies, annotations of query intent are created post hoc by external assessors who are not the searchers themselves. It is important for the field to get a better understanding of the quality of this process as an approximation for determining the searcher's actual intent. Some studies have investigated the...
article 2013