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Liakakou, E.T. (author), Infantes, A. (author), Neumann, A. (author), Vreugdenhil, B.J. (author)
The integration of gasification with syngas fermentation is still in an early stage of development, where many questions exist concerning the syngas quality required. The challenge is to define the gasification conditions that will provide a H2:CO:CO2 ratio suitable for syngas fermentation, as well as to identify and remove the compounds that...
article 2021
Boerrigter, H. (author), Zwart, R.W.R. (author), Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (author)
The technical, economic, and ecological feasibility was studied of theco-production of 50 PJ of Fischer-Tropsch (FT) transportation liquids and 150 PJ of substitute natural gas (SNG) per year (i.e. 10% of the 2001 Dutch consumption). In the co-production concepts part of the SNG is produced by methanation of the FT off-gas, which already...
report 2004