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Hensums, M. (author), de Mooij, B. (author), Kuijper, S.C. (author), BIRC the anti-Bullying Interventions Research Consortium, (author), Fekkes, M. (author), Overbeek, G. (author)
The prevalence of bullying worldwide is high (UNESCO, 2018). Over the past decades, many anti-bullying interventions have been developed to remediate this problem. However, we lack insight into for whom these interventions work and what individual intervention components drive the total intervention effects. We conducted a large-scale individual...
article 2022
Jolani, S. (author), Debray, T.P.A. (author), Koffijberg, H. (author), van Buuren, S. (author), Moons, K.G.M. (author)
Individual participant data meta-analyses (IPD-MA) are increasingly used for developing and validating multivariable (diagnostic or prognostic) risk prediction models. Unfortunately, some predictors or even outcomes may not have been measured in each study and are thus systematically missing in some individual studies of the IPD-MA. As a...
article 2015