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Coenen, P. (author), Formanoy, M. (author), Douwes, M. (author), Bosch, T. (author), de Kraker, H. (author)
Exposure to mechanical vibrations at work (e.g., due to handling powered tools) is a potential occupational risk as it may cause upper extremity complaints. However, reliable and valid assessment methods for vibration exposure at work are lacking. Measuring hand-arm vibration objectively is often difficult and expensive, while often used...
article 2014
Coenen, P. (author), Kingma, I. (author), Boot, C.R.L. (author), Bongers, P.M. (author), van Die├źn, J.H. (author)
Valid and reliable low-back load assessment tools that can be used in field situations are needed for epidemiologic studies and for ergonomic practice. The aim of this study was to assess the inter-rater reliability of a low-back load video-analysis method in a field setting.Five raters analyzed 50 work site manual material handling tasks of 14...
article 2013
Mulder, J.P.M. (author), van der Spek, A.J.F. (author), van der Meulen, M.J. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Climate-change problems in coastal zones are predominantly perceived from a water perspective. However, in accordance with the temporal and spatial scales at which the effects of climate change occur, we propose that coastal zones have to be regarded as sedimentary systems, rather than mere delimitations of a water system. Long-term coastal...
conference paper 2009