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Dekker, R.W.A. (author), Snijder, H.H. (author), Maljaars, J. (author)
Clause 6.2 of EN 1993-1-1 covers the cross-sectional resistance of steel sections. The bending-shear interaction design rules for I-shaped cross-sections make use of a reduced yield stress for the web area. On this basis, a reduced design plastic resistance moment allowing for the shear force is presented. The effect of shear on the bending...
conference paper 2017
Bijlaard, F.S.K. (author), Steenbergen, H.M.G.M. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
This paper provides a general procedure to determine the elastic critica! (Euler) lateral torsional buckling moment of a member with lateral restraints at various locations between the supports. The mathematica) procedure to solve the eigenvalue problem is presented and some design examples are presented. The effectiveness of the locations on...
conference paper 2002