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Sogütoglu, L.C. (author), Steiger, M. (author), Houben, J. (author), Biemans, D. (author), Fischer, H.R. (author), Donkers, P.A.J. (author), Huinink, H. (author), Adan, O.C.G. (author)
The solid-state hydration of salts has gained particular interest within the frame of thermochemical energy storage. In this work, the water vapor pressure-temperature (p-T) phase diagram of the following thermochemical salts was constructed by combining equilibrium and nonequilibrium hydration experiments: CuCl 2 , K 2 CO 3 , MgCl 2 ·4H 2 O,...
article 2019
Mertens, J. (author), Khakharia, P.M. (author), Rogiers, P. (author), Blondeau, J. (author), Lepaumier, H. (author), Goetheer, E.L.V. (author), Schallert, B. (author), Schaber, K. (author), Moretti, I. (author)
This study presents the results of two field tests that aimed at evaluating two countermeasures (WESP and GGH) toavoid acid mist formation. A WESP is shown to be very efficient for the removal of nuclei from the flue gas (100 % efficient) and thus can prevent aerosol formation inside an amine based absorber. This is however only valid in the...
article 2017
van der Voort, M.M. (author), van Wees, R.M.M. (author), Ham, J.M. (author), Spruijt, M.P.N. (author), van den Berg, A.C. (author), de Bruijn, P.C.J. (author), van Ierschot, P.G.A. (author)
The need for transportation and storage of CO2 in bulk quantities is likely to increase in the near future. The handling of CO2 on such scale gives rise to a number of technological challenges and safety aspects. The accidental rupture of a vessel containing liquefied CO2 may lead to a Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion (BLEVE). Whether...
article 2013