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Dhonukshe-Rutten, R.A.M. (author), Lips, M. (author), de Jong, N. (author), Marijke, J.M.C.A.P. (author), Hiddink, G.J. (author), van Dusseldorp, M. (author), de Groot, L.C.P.G.M. (author), van Staveren, W.A. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO TNO Voeding (author)
Subclinical vitamin B-12 deficiency is common in the elderly. Encouraged by early indications, we investigated the plasma vitamin B-12 status in association with bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mineral density (BMD) in frail elderly people. Data of 194 free-living Dutch frail elderly (143 women and 51 men) were available. BMC and BMD were...
article 2003
Dhonukshe-Rutten, R.A.M. (author), van Dusseldorp, M. (author), Schneede, J. (author), de Groot, L.C.P.G.M. (author), van Staveren, W.A. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Background: Cobalamin deficiency is prevalent in vegetarians and has been associated with increased risk of osteoporosis. Aim of the study: To examine the association between cobalamin status and bone mineral density in adolescents formerly fed a macrobiotic diet and in their counterparts. Methods: In this cross-sectional study bone mineral...
article 2005