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Geutskens, S.B. (author), van der Eb, M.M. (author), Plomp, A.C. (author), Jonges, L.E. (author), Cramer, S.J. (author), Ensink, N.G. (author), Kuppen, P.J.K. (author), Hoeben, R.C. (author)
The host-immune response against adenoviruses forms a major obstacle for their use as gene therapy vectors for treatment of genetic defects. None the less, they are the preferred vectors for in vivo gene transfer in experimental gene therapy protocols for cancer. In this article we demonstrate the antitumor efficacy of adenovirus-mediated...
article 2000
Heeney, J.L. (author), van Els, C. (author), de Vries, P. (author), ten Haaft, P. (author), Otting, N. (author), Koornstra, W. (author), Boes, J. (author), Dubbes, R. (author), Niphuis, H. (author), Dings, M. (author), Cranage, M. (author), Norley, S. (author), Jonker, M. (author), Bontrop, R.E. (author), Osterhaus, A. (author)
To evaluate the effectiveness of vaccine protection from infected cells from another individual of the same species, vaccinated rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) were challenged with peripheral blood mononuclear cells from another animal diagnosed with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Half of the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)...
article 1994