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Saeed, A. (author), Volker, A.W.F. (author), Martina, Q. (author), Alalouni, A. (author)
Scale and corrosion affect the production certainty of oil and gas well. Scale build-up reduces flow and ultimately could shut down production when it block to tubing completely. Corrosion of the tubing wall occurs very often simultaneously with scale build-up and affects the integrity of the tubing wall. Vital information about the integrity is...
conference paper 2019
Tang, Y. (author), Xi, Z. (author), Xu, M. (author), Bäumer, S.M.B. (author), Adam, A.J.L. (author), Urbach, H.P. (author)
Hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs) are anisotropic materials with a permittivity tensor that has both positive and negative eigenvalues. Here we report that by using a type II HMM as a cladding material, a waveguide that only supports higher-order modes can be achieved, while the lower-order modes become leaky and are absorbed in the HMM cladding....
article 2016
Chakkalakkal Abdulla, S.M. (author), Cheng, L.K. (author), van den Bosch, B. (author), Dijkhuizen, N. (author), Nieuwland, R.A. (author), Gielesen, W.L.M. (author), Lucas, J. (author), Boussard-Plédel, C. (author), Conseil, C. (author), Bureau, B. (author), do Carmo, J.P. (author)
The DARWIN mission aims to detect weak infra-red emission lines from distant orbiting earth-like planets using nulling interferometry. This requires filtering of wavefront errors using single mode waveguides operating at a wavelength range of 6.5-20 μm. This article describes the optical design of the fibers, the manufacturing protocol, the...
conference paper 2014