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TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author), Riese, H. (author), van Doornen, L.J.P. (author), Houtman, I.L.D. (author), de Geus, E.J.C. (author)
Objective. This study examined the effects of exposure to job strain on independent predictors of cardiovascular disease (ambulatory blood pressure, heart rate, and heart rate variability). Methods. The participants comprised a homogeneous group of 159 healthy female nurses [mean age 35.9 (SD 8.5) years]. The choice of this population minimized...
article 2004
TNO Biomedical Instrumentation (author), Kingma, R. (author), Voorde, B.J.ten (author), Scheffer, G.J. (author), Karemaker, J.M. (author), Mackaay, A.J.C. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), Lange, (author)
Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy at T2-T4 is an effective and safe treatment for primary axillary and palmar hyperhidrosis and facial blushing refractory to conventional treatment. T2 and T4 ganglia however are in the direct pathway of sympathetic innervation of the heart and part of the vasomotor nerves. In this study we investigate possible...
article 2002
Veltman, J.A. (author), Gaillard, A.W.K. (author), TNO Technische Menskunde (author)
The sensitivity of physiological measures to mental workload has been investigated in a flight simulator. Twelve pilots had to fly through a tunnel with different levels of difficulty. Additionally, they had to perform a memory task with four levels of difficulty. The easiest memory task was combined with the easiest tunnel task and the most...
article 1998