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Kuijpers, L.T. (author)
The worldwide production of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) has increased substantially in the last decade as the material offer society new opportunities for effectively stronger, lighter, better electrically conductive, and more flexible products. However, concerns have been raised about (occupational) health risks due to CNT exposure, but...
doctoral thesis 2018
de Kluizenaar, Y. (author), Kuijpers, E. (author), Eekhout, I. (author), Voogt, M. (author), Vermeulen, R.C.H. (author), Hoek, G. (author), Sterkenburg, R.P. (author), Pierik, F.H. (author), Duyzer, J.H. (author), Meijer, E.W. (author), Pronk, A. (author)
Particulate matter exposure may cause adverse health effects. Although ultrafine particulate matter (UFP) is hypothesised to be particularly health relevant, the number of studies into personal UFP exposure is limited. Aim To increase insight where and when most UFP exposure occurs, in terms of exposure levels and peaks in microenvironments,...
article 2017
Stansfeld, S. (author), Babisch, W. (author), Brink, M. (author), Belojevic, G. (author), Heroux, M.E. (author), Janssen, S. (author), Lercher, P. (author), Paviotti, M. (author), Pershagen, G. (author), Persson Waye, K. (author), Preis, A. (author), van den Berg, M. (author), Verbeek, J. (author)
The Guidelines include systematic reviews of the scientific evidence of the critical health effects of environmental noise: effects on sleep, annoyance, cognitive impairment, cardiovascular diseases, hearing impairment and tinnitus. Other potential health outcomes with less evidence are also systematically reviewed, but have less impact on the...
conference paper 2016
Walser, T. (author), Meyer, D. (author), Fransman, W. (author), Buist, H. (author), Kuijpers, E. (author), Brouwer, D. (author)
Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a well-established method to evaluate impacts of chemicals on the environment and human health along the lifespan of products. However, the increasingly produced and applied nanomaterials (defined as one dimension
article 2015
Amato, F. (author), Cassee, F.R. (author), Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Gehrig, R. (author), Gustafsson, M. (author), Hafner, W. (author), Harrison, R.M. (author), Jozwicka, M. (author), Kelly, F.J. (author), Moreno, T. (author), Prevot, A.S.H. (author), Schaap, M. (author), Sunyer, J. (author), Querol, X. (author)
About 400,000 premature adult deaths attributable to air pollution occur each year in the European Region. Road transport emissions account for a significant share of this burden. While important technological improvements have been made for reducing particulate matter (PM) emissions from motor exhausts, no actions are currently in place to...
article 2014
Dittrich, M.G. (author), de Roo, F. (author)
Noise emission of new road vehicles is regulated by European Directives [1] and subsequent amendments. Proposals for tighter noise emission limits for road vehicles made by the European Commission in 2011 [2] have been adopted in modified form by the European Parliament in 2013 [3]. In the VENOLIVA study on the effects of new vehicle noise...
conference paper 2013
Bluyssen, P.M. (author), Alblas, M.J. (author), Tuinman, I.L. (author)
In the last decade, studies on indoor air pollution suggest a link between exposure to indoor particulate matter and compounds, in particular ultrafine particles and secondary organic aerosols, and several health effects. The mechanisms of how those complex mixtures relate to health effects are still not fully understood. In vitro testing, i.e.,...
article 2013
von Benda-Beckmann, A.M. (author), van der Zwan, T. (author), van Riet, M.W.G. (author), Benders, F.P.A. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author), te Raa, L.A. (author)
SAKAMATA is a risk assessment and mitigation tool developed by TNO and used by the Royal Netherlands Navy. It supports the user in planning and carrying out active sonar operations in an environmentally responsible way. Recently, a new version has been developed, which makes it possible to quantify the number of marine mammals affected, taking...
conference paper 2012
Clark, K. (author), van Tongeren, M. (author), Christensen, F. (author), Brouwer, D.H. (author), Nowack, B. (author), Gottschalk, F. (author), Micheletti, C. (author), Schmid, K. (author), Gerritsen, R. (author), Aitken, R. (author), Vaquero, C. (author), Gkanis, V. (author), Housiadas, C. (author), López de Ipiña, J.M. (author), Riediker, M. (author)
The aim of this paper is to describe the process and challenges in building exposure scenarios for engineered nanomaterials (ENM), using an exposure scenario format similar to that used for the European Chemicals regulation (REACH). Over 60 exposure scenarios were developed based on information from publicly available sources (literature, books,...
article 2012
Salomons, E.M. (author), Janssen, S.A. (author)
In environmental noise control one commonly employs the A-weighted sound level as an approximate measure of the effect of noise on people. A measure that is more closely related to direct human perception of noise is the loudness level. At constant A-weighted sound level, the loudness level of a noise signal varies considerably with the shape of...
article 2011
Savolainen, K. (author), Pylkkänen, L. (author), Norppa, H. (author), Falck, G. (author), Lindberg, H. (author), Tuomi, T. (author), Vippola, M. (author), Alenius, H. (author), Hämeri, K. (author), Koivisto, J. (author), Brouwer, D. (author), Mark, D. (author), Bard, D. (author), Berges, M. (author), Jankowska, E. (author), Posniak, M. (author), Farmer, P. (author), Singh, R. (author), Krombach, F. (author), Bihari, P. (author), Kasper, G. (author), Seipenbusch, M. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
The significance of engineered nanomaterials (ENM) and nanotechnologies grows rapidly. Nanotechnology applications may have a positive marked impact on many aspects of on human every day life, for example by providing means for the production of clean energy and pure drinking water. Hundreds of consumer nano-based products are already on the...
article 2010
Spaan, S. (author), Schinkel, J. (author), Wouters, I.M. (author), Preller, L. (author), Tielemans, E. (author), Nij, E.T. (author), Heederik, D. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objectives: Workers in many industries are exposed to endotoxins, which may cause adverse health effects. In exposure assessment, information about exposure variability is essential. However, variability in exposure has rarely been investigated for biological agents and more specifically for endotoxin. Therefore, variance components and...
article 2008
Brouwer, D.H. (author), Gijsbers, J.H.J. (author), Lurvink, M.W.M. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
Recently, toxicological and epidemiological studies on health effects related to particle exposure suggest that 'ultrafine particles' (particles with an aerodynamic diameter of <100 nm) may cause severe health effects after inhalation. Although the toxicological mechanisms for these effects have not yet been explained, it is apparent that...
article 2004
Anderson, C.A. (author), Copestake, P.T. (author), Robinson, L. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author)
The retrieval precision and recall of a specialist bibliographic toxicity database (TRACE) and a range of widely available bibliographic databases used to identify toxicity papers were compared. The analysis indicated that the larger size and resources of the major bibliographic databases did not, for a series of test queries, assure superior...
article 2000
Searched for: subject%3A%22Health%255C%2Beffects%22
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