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Eggenkamp, H.G.M. (author), Louvat, P. (author), Agrinier, P. (author), Bonifacie, M. (author), Bekker, A. (author), Krupenik, V. (author), Griffioen, J. (author), Horita, J. (author), Brocks, J.J. (author), Bagheri, R. (author)
We determined the chlorine and bromine isotope compositions of 83 halite samples from nine different geological periods between the Orosirian and the present in order to study the secular Cl and Br isotope variations in the ocean during the last 2 billion years. Relatively large Cl (-0.24 to +0.51%e vs. SMOC) and Br ( —0.24 to +1.08%e vs. SMOB)...
article 2019
Buijze, L. (author), Niemeijer, A.R. (author), Han, R. (author), Shimamoto, T. (author), Spiers, C.J. (author)
The evolution of friction as a function of slip rate is important in understanding earthquake nucleation and propagation. Many laboratory experiments investigating friction of fault rocks are either conducted in the low velocity regime (10−8–10−4 ms−1) or in the high velocity regime (0.01–1 m s−1). Here, we report on the evolution of friction...
article 2017
TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author), de Rooij, M.R. (author)
Many walls of ancient buildings are covered with plaster layers. Amongst the most recurrent causes of damage of plasters and substrates are moisture and salt decay processes. To combat these salt problems, special salt resistant plasters have been developed for application on salt loaded substrates. However, experience in the field has shown...
article 2006