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Bunting, S.Y. (author), Lapworth, D.J. (author), Crane, E.J. (author), Grima-Olmedo, J. (author), Korosa, A. (author), Kuczynska, A. (author), Mali, N. (author), Rosenqvist, L. (author), van Vliet, M.E. (author), Togola, A. (author), Lopez, B. (author)
In Europe, emerging organic compounds (EOCs) in groundwater is a growing research area. Prioritisation for monitoring EOCs in Europe was formalised in 2019 through the development of the first voluntary groundwater watch list (GWWL). Despite this, groundwater occurrence data in the peer reviewed literature for Europe has not been reviewed to...
article 2021
Schout, G. (author), Hartog, N. (author), Hassanizadeh, S.M. (author), Griffioen, J. (author)
Blowouts present a small but genuine risk when drilling into the deep subsurface and can have an immediate and significant impact on the surrounding environment. Nevertheless, studies that document their long-term impact are scarce. In 1965, a catastrophic underground blowout occurred during the drilling of a gas well in The Netherlands, which...
article 2017