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Wang, M. (author), van Vliet, T. (author), Hamer, R.J. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
In the gluten-starch separation process gluten is formed first as a result of breakdown of the gliadin-glutelin structures during mixing followed by their re-agglomeration. To date the effect of pentosans and enzymes have not been studied separately. A simple modification of TNO Glutomatic system enables pentosans, enzymes, and other materials...
article 2004
Wang, M. (author), Hamer, R.J. (author), van Vliet, T. (author), Gruppen, H. (author), Marseille, H. (author), Weegels, P.L. (author)
A miniaturised set-up for gluten-starch separation was used to systematically study the effect of water unextractable solids (WUS) on the formation and properties of gluten. The results showed that WUS not only have a negative effect on gluten yield, but also affect gluten and glutenin macropolymer (GMP) composition and rheological properties....
article 2003