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Schenk, T.C.W. (author), Fledderus, E.R. (author), TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author)
Dealing with radio frequency (RF) front-end impairments will be one of the major design challenges for next-generation wireless communication systems due to conflicting requirements, such as high data rate, low cost and low power consumption. The use of digital compensation of the imperfections appears a very promising method to meet...
conference paper 2008
Joore, J.P. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
In this paper a system innovation project is presented in which a sustainable future vision with a long-term perspective was developed and translated into short-term commercial innovation opportunities, which in turn can benefit the longer-term vision of society. The case described is a three-year innovation project, in which TNO worked together...
article 2008