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Ruiz-Armenteros, A.M. (author), Lazecky, M. (author), Hlavacova, I. (author), BakoAa╦ć, M. (author), manuel Delgado, J. (author), Sousa, J.J. (author), Lamas-Fernandez, F. (author), Marchamalo, M. (author), Caro-Cuenca, M. (author), Papco, J. (author), Perissin, D. (author)
Dams require continuous security and monitoring programs, integrated with visual inspection and testing in dam surveillance programs. New approaches for dam monitoring focus on multi-sensor integration, taking into account emerging technologies such as GNSS, optic fiber, TLS, InSAR techniques, GBInSAR, GPR, that can be used as complementary data...
conference paper 2018
Arts, R.J. (author), Baradello, L. (author), Girard, J.F. (author), Kirby, G. (author), Lombardi, S. (author), Williamson, P. (author), Zaja, A. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
CO2 storage in the subsurface is becoming more and more attractive as a means to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and hence minimize human-induced global warming. The ability to monitor and verify these CO2 storage reservoirs is a key element for further implementation of other storage sites. Since the current sites fortunately do not...
article 2009