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Zhao, Y. (author), Kumar, M. (author), Caspers, M.P.M. (author), Nierop Groot, M.N. (author), van der Vossen, J.M.B.M. (author), Abee, T. (author)
Thermophilic bacilli such as Anoxybacillus and Geobacillus are important contaminants in dairy powder products. Remarkably, one of the common contaminants, Geobacillus thermoglucosidans, showed poor growth in skim milk, whereas significant growth of G. thermoglucosidans was observed in the presence of an Anoxybacillus flavithermus dairy isolate....
article 2018
Caspers, M.P.M. (author), Schuren, F.H.J. (author), van Zuijlen, A.C.M. (author), Brul, S. (author), Montijn, R.C. (author), Abee, T. (author), Kort, R. (author)
Failure of food preservation is frequently caused by thermostable spores of members of the Bacillaceae family, which show a wide spectrum of resistance to cleaning and preservation treatments. We constructed and validated a mixed-species genotyping array for 6 Bacillus species, including Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus...
article 2011
Oomes, S.J.C.M. (author), van Zuijlen, A.C.M. (author), Hehenkamp, J.O. (author), Witsenboer, H. (author), van der Vossen, J.M.B.M. (author), Brul, S. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Spore-forming bacteria can be a problem in the food industry, especially in the canning industry. Spores present in ingredients or present in the processing environment severely challenge the preservation process since their thermal resistance may be very high. We therefore asked the question which bacterial spore formers are found in a typical...
article 2007