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Shankar, K. (author), Pivik, R.T. (author), Johnson, S.L. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Demmer, E. (author), Murray, R. (author)
Understanding health requires more than knowledge of the genome. Environmental factors regulate gene function through epigenetics. Collectively, environmental exposures have been called the "exposome." Caregivers are instrumental in shaping exposures in a child's initial years. Maternal dietary patterns, physical activity, degree of weight gain,...
article 2018
Terhal, P.A. (author), Nievelstein, R.J.A.J. (author), Verver, E.J.J. (author), Topsakal, V. (author), van Dommelen, P. (author), Hoornaert, K. (author), le Merrer, M. (author), Zankl, A. (author), Simon, M.E. (author), Smithson, S.F. (author), Marcelis, C. (author), Kerr, B. (author), Clayton-Smith, J. (author), Kinning, E. (author), Mansour, S. (author), Elmslie, F. (author), Goodwin, L. (author), van der Hout, A.H. (author), Veenstra-Knol, H.E. (author), Herkert, J.C. (author), Lund, A.M. (author), Hennekam, R.C. (author), Mégarbané, A. (author), Lees, M.M. (author), Wilson, L.C. (author), Male, A. (author), Hurst, J. (author), Alanay, Y. (author), Annerén, G. (author), Betz, R.C. (author), Bongers, E.M. (author), Cormier-Daire, V. (author), Dieux, A. (author), David, A. (author), Elting, M.W. (author), van den Ende, J. (author), Green, A. (author), van Hagen, J.M. (author), Hertel, N.T. (author), Holder-Espinasse, M. (author), den Hollander, N. (author), Homfray, T. (author), Hove, H.D. (author), Price, S. (author), Raas-Rothschild, A. (author), Rohrbach, M. (author), Schroeter, B. (author), Suri, M. (author), Thompson, E.M. (author), Tobias, E.S. (author), Toutain, A. (author), Vreeburg, M. (author), Wakeling, E. (author), Knoers, N.V. (author), Coucke, P. (author), Mortier, G.R. (author)
Type 2 collagen disorders encompass a diverse group of skeletal dysplasias that are commonly associated with orthopedic, ocular, and hearing problems. However, the frequency of many clinical features has never been determined. We retrospectively investigated the clinical, radiological, and genotypic data in a group of 93 patients with...
article 2015
TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), Joost, H.G. (author), Gibney, M.J. (author), Cashman, K.D. (author), Görman, U. (author), Hesketh, J.E. (author), Mueller, M. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Williams, C.M. (author), Mathers, J.C. (author)
Personalised, genotype-based nutrition is a concept that links genotyping with specific nutritional advice in order to improve the prevention of nutrition-associated, chronic diseases. This review describes the current scientific basis of the concept and discusses its problems. There is convincing evidence that variant genes may indeed determine...
article 2007