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Verweij, J.M. (author), Nelskamp, S.N. (author), ten Veen, J.H. (author), de Bruin, G. (author), Geel, K. (author), Donders, T.H. (author)
Understanding the shallow gas system is critical for assessing its potential as an energy source, for evaluating the possible hazard of shallow gas for drilling and wind farm locations and for evaluating the effect of gas emissions at the seabed on marine ecosystems and climate. This paper presents the key elements and processes of the microbial...
article 2018
Verweij, J.M. (author), Nelskamp, S. (author)
Recent exploration activities in two of the largest deltas in the world, the still active Nile delta and the Cenozoic Southern North Sea (SNS) deltas, proved the potential of shallow gas resources. However, shallow gas production is still limited due to a lack of understanding of this gas system. For both the Nile and the SNS delta, there is an...
conference paper 2014