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Saffre, F. (author), Gianini, G. (author), Hildmann, H. (author), Davies, J. (author), Bullock, S. (author), Damiani, E. (author), Deneubourg, J.L. (author)
We investigate the hypothesis that long-term memory in populations of agents can lead to counterproductive emergent properties at the system level. Our investigation is framed in the context of a discrete, one-dimensional road-traffic congestion model: we investigate the influence of simple cognition in a population of rational commuter agents...
article 2019
Wang, X. (author), KoƧ, Y. (author), Kooij, R.E. (author), van Mieghem, P. (author)
Cascading failures are one of the main reasons for blackouts in electrical power grids. Stable power supply requires a robust design of the power grid topology. Currently, the impact of the grid structure on the grid robustness is mainly assessed by purely topological metrics, that fail to capture the fundamental properties of the electrical...
conference paper 2015
Sijs, J. (author), Lazar, M. (author)
This article presents a practical assessment of the recently developed state fusion method ellipsoidal intersection and focusses on distributed state estimation in sensor networks. It was already proven that this fusion method combines strong fundamental properties with attractive features in accuracy and computational requirements. However,...
conference paper 2011