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TNO Wegtransportmiddelen (author), Hendriksen, P. (author), Rijkeboer, R.C. (author)
Four fuels (petrol, LPG, CNG and diesel) are compared on passenger cars and lighter vans. The comparisons are made for the usual regulated components, but also for a number of unregulated components. The project was financed by the Dutch government, the association of gas suppliers, a number of LPG/CNG equipment manufacturers, and TNO. The...
report 1993
Brasser, L.J. (author)
Starting in the winter 1964-1965, the TNO Research Institute for Environmental Hygiene has determined the PAH-concentrations of the atmosphere at several locations in The Netherlands. Long series of data are available for several stations. The trend in the concentrations is spectacular: the concentrations have fallen from relatively high values...
other 1981