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Zagers, N.P.A. (author), Pot, M.C.A. (author), van Norren, D. (author)
Our aim was to assess the integrity of the photoreceptors in the fovea, and to measure the optical density of the macular pigment and the eye lens in patients with diabetes mellitus, and to compare the results with those of a group of healthy subjects. The directional and spectral properties of the light reflected from a 1.9 deg field centered...
article 2005
Zagers, N.P.A. (author), van de Kraats, J. (author), Berendschot, T.T.J.M. (author), van Norren, D. (author)
An instrument for simultaneous measurement of foveal spectral reflectance and cone-photoreceptor directionality is described. The key element is an imaging spectrograph (spectral range of 420–790 nm) with its entrance slit conjugate to the pupil plane of a human eye. A 1.9-deg spot on the retina is sampled in 1 s. Video observation of the retina...
article 2002
Vos, J.J. (author), Estevez, O. (author), Walraven, P.L. (author), Instituut voor Zintuigfysiologie TNO (author)
New action spectra are derived for the foveal cones on the basis of three assumptions: (1) the Stiles-Burch (1959) colorimetric data are better than CIE 1931; (2) the long wavelength flanks of the dichromatic luminosity functions offer better anchorage than the confusion loci; and (3) the relative mutual heights per receptor can be derived from...
article 1990