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Gross, D. (author), Jansen, N. (author), Perez, G.A. (author), Raaijmakers, S. (author)
We give a formal verification procedure that decides whether a classifier ensemble is robust against arbitrary randomized attacks. Such attacks consist of a set of deterministic attacks and a distribution over this set. The robustness-checking problem consists of assessing, given a set of classifiers and a labelled data set, whether there exists...
conference paper 2020
Donaldson, A.F. (author), Ketema, J. (author), Sorensen, T. (author), Wickerson, J. (author)
The tutorial at CONCUR will provide a practical overview of work undertaken over the last six years in the Multicore Programming Group at Imperial College London, and with collaborators internationally, related to understanding and reasoning about concurrency in software designed for acceleration on GPUs. In this article we provide an overview...
conference paper 2017
Keshishzadeh, S. (author), Mooij, A.J. (author), Reza Mousavi, M. (author)
In the context of Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), we study ways to detect faults early in the software development cycle. We propose techniques that validate a wide range of properties, classified into basic and advanced. Basic validation includes syntax checking, reference checking and type checking. Advanced validation concerns domain...
conference paper 2013