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Bannink, E.M.N. (author), van Sassen, C. (author), van Buuren, S. (author), de Jong, F.H. (author), Lequin, M. (author), Mulder, P.G.H. (author), de Muinck Keizer-Schrama, S.M.P.F. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Background: Besides short stature, gonadal dysgenesis leading to a lack of oestrogen is one of the main characteristics of Turner syndrome (TS). In most TS girls, puberty is induced with exogenous oestrogens. Objective: To describe the pubertal development and uterine dimensions achieved by low-dose 17β-oestradiol (17β-E2) orally started at an...
article 2009
van Hooff, M.H.A. (author), Voorhorst, F.J. (author), Kaptein, M.B.H. (author), Hirasing, R.A. (author), Koppenaal, C. (author), Schoemaker, J. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
Hospital based studies have shown that oligomenorrhoeic adolescents have high luteinizing hormone (LH) and androgen concentrations, endocrine signs of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The prevalence of these abnormalities in an unselected population of adolescents is not known. We determined LH, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH),...
article 1999
van Vliet, A.K. (author), van Thiel, G.C.F. (author), Naaktgeboren, N. (author), Cohen, L.H. (author), Gaubius Instituut TNO (author)
Lovastatin and simvastatin are strong inhibitors of cholesterol synthesis in cultured human granulosa cells, as measured within 6 days after isolation, with IC50-values of respectively 27.0 and 18.2 nM obtained after 3.5 hours of incubation with the drugs. Pravastatin is a much weaker inhibitor of cholesterol synthesis (IC50-value of 977.8 nM)...
article 1996