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Guffanti, S. (author), Visconti, C.G. (author), an Kampen, J. (author), Boon, J. (author), Groppi, G. (author)
Sorption Enhanced DiMethyl Ether Synthesis (SEDMES) is a promising option to overcome thermodynamic limitations of conventional DME production processes. In this work a 2D+1D heterogeneous dynamic model of the reaction/adsorption step in a tube of an externally cooled multitubular fixed bed SEDMES reactor is developed in order to investigate the...
article 2021
Kimball, E. (author), Lambert, A. (author), Fossdal, A. (author), Leenman, R.N. (author), Comte, E. (author), van den Bos, W.A.P. (author), Blom, R. (author)
The physio-chemical stability of the oxygen carrier material during chemical looping combustion (CLC) operation is crucial. In the present paper we discuss the challenges connected to operating a metal oxide base material in a cyclic manner between oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. Especially, focus has been put on the phase changes occurring...
article 2013