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ten Brink, H. (author), Otjes, R. (author), Weijers, E. (author)
article 2021
ten Brink, H. (author), Henzing, B. (author), Otjes, R. (author), Weijers, E. (author)
The visibility on New Year's nights in the Netherlands is low during stagnant weather. This is due to the scattering and absorption of light by the aerosol-smoke from the fireworks. We made an assessment of the responsible aerosol-species. The investigation took place during the New Year's night of 2009. Measurements were made at a regional site...
article 2018
Corbel, J.M.L. (author)
Strobes are self-sustained oscillatory combustions that have various applications in the fireworks industry and also in the military area (signaling, missile decoys and crowd control). However, most of the strobe compositions were discovered using trial and error methods. The fundamentals mechanisms involved in strobe remain unclear. A few...
doctoral thesis 2013