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TNO Preventie en Gezondheid Gaubius Instituut TNO (author), Sakharov, D.V. (author), Nagelkerkel, J.F. (author), Rijken, D.C. (author)
Binding of components of the fibrinolytic system to fibrin is important for the regulation of fibrinolysis. In this study, decomposition of the fibrin network and binding of plasminogen and plasminogen activators (PAs) to fibrin during lysis of a plasma clot were investigated with confocal microscopy using fluorescein-labeled preparations of...
article 1996
Grøn, B. (author), Filion-Myklebust, C. (author), Benninck, A. (author), Nieuwenhuizen, W. (author), Matsueda, G.R. (author), Brosstad, F. (author), Gaubius instituut Instituut voor verouderings- en vaatziekten onderzoek TNO (author)
alpha-polymer formation, as opposed to gamma-chain dimerization has been considered a relatively late event in factor XIII-induced fibrin stabilization. Recently it has been shown, however, that plasma from healthy individuals and from patients with fibrinaemia contains small amounts of soluble fibrin/fibrinogen oligomers interlinked through...
article 1992