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Polat, H. (author), Hosseinabadi, F. (author), Hasan, M.M. (author), Chakraborty, S. (author), Geury, T. (author), El Baghdadi, M. (author), Wilkins, S. (author), Hegazy, O. (author)
The global promotion of electric vehicles (EVs) through various incentives has led to a significant increase in their sales. However, the prolonged charging duration remains a significant hindrance to the widespread adoption of these vehicles and the broader electrification of transportation. While DC-fast chargers have the potential to...
article 2023
Al-Saadi, M. (author), Mathes, M. (author), Käsgen, J. (author), Koffrie, R. (author), Mayrock, M. (author), van Mierlo, J. (author), Berecibar, M. (author)
This work presents three demos, which include Electric Buses (EBs) from four various brands with lengths of 12 m and 18 m and an Electric Truck (E-truck) for refuse collection. The technical operation of these EVs were analyzed to implement further operational cost optimization on the demo vehicles. The Electric Vehicles (EVs) were tested...
article 2022
Rosca, B. (author), Wilkins, S. (author)
Battery thermal management is essential to efficienct and safe operation of Li-ion batteries, particularly in challenging applications such as fast charging. This work proposes a thermal management control framework based on MPC. The novelty of this approach resides in the focus on incorporating disturbance prediction into the control decision....
conference paper 2018