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van de Pol, J. (author), van Braak, M. (author), Pennings, H.J.M. (author), van Vondel, S. (author), Steenbeek, H. (author), Akkerman, S. (author)
The pervasive phenomenon of adaptivity in face-to-face interaction is described inconsistently, using numerous concepts (e.g. lignment/attunement/complementarity/imitation/reciprocity/scaffolding/synchrony), impeding the streamlining of adaptivity research. We explored 33 adaptivity concepts and various adaptivity theories from different fields....
article 2022
Looije, R. (author), Melder, W.A. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
Learning a process control task, such as tactical picture compilation in the Navy, is difficult, because the students have to spend their limited cognitive resources both on the complex task itself and the act of learning. In addition to the resource limits, motivation can be reduced when learning progress is slow. Intelligent Virtual Agents may...
conference paper 2008