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Berghuis, N.F. (author), Mars-Groenendijk, R.H. (author), Busker, R.W. (author), Paauw, A. (author), van Leeuwen, H.C. (author)
CRISPR–Cas (CC)-based detection technologies have some exceptional features, which hold the promise of developing into the nextgeneration diagnostic platforms. One of these features is the ability to trigger non-specific single-stranded DNA/RNA cleavage activity after specific target recognition and Cas enzyme activation. This cleavage activity...
article 2022
Kaman, W.E. (author), Voskamp-Visser, I. (author), de Jongh, D.M.C. (author), Endtz, H.P. (author), van Belkum, A. (author), Hays, J.P. (author), Bikker, F.J. (author)
Bacterial proteases play an important role in a broad spectrum of processes, including colonization, proliferation, and virulence. In this respect, bacterial proteases are potential biomarkers for bacterial diagnosis and targets for novel therapeutic protease inhibitors. To investigate these potential functions, the authors designed and used a...
article 2013