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Toet, A. (author), Jansen, S.E.M. (author), Delleman, N.J. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
Effects of field-of-view restrictions on the speed and accuracy of participants performing a real-world manoeuvring task through an obstacled environment were investigated. Although field-of-view restrictions are known to affect human behaviour and to degrade performance for a range of different tasks, the relationship between human manoeuvring...
article 2007
Vente, P.E.M. (author), Bos, J.E. (author), de Wit, G. (author), TNO Human Factors Research Institute (author)
A side effect of the prescription of prism glasses according to the principle of Utermöhlen to improve mechanical reading skills of certain types of learning disabled children, was the alleviation of car sickness. Besides a decrease in reported symptoms after prescription of these glasses, the effect is quantified by a decrease in estimated...
article 1998