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Coenen, P. (author), Formanoy, M. (author), Douwes, M. (author), Bosch, T. (author), de Kraker, H. (author)
Exposure to mechanical vibrations at work (e.g., due to handling powered tools) is a potential occupational risk as it may cause upper extremity complaints. However, reliable and valid assessment methods for vibration exposure at work are lacking. Measuring hand-arm vibration objectively is often difficult and expensive, while often used...
article 2014
Dos Santos Ferreira, O. (author), Gelinck, E.R.M. (author), de Graaf, D. (author), Fischer, H. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
Adhesion measurements were performed by AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy). It was shown that many parameters need to be controlled in order to provide reproducible and quantitative results. Adhesion forces were shown to depend on combination of materials characteristics and testing geometry as well as experimental protocol (contact time, contact...
article 2010