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Lu, Y. (author), Xu, J. (author), Weerheijm, J. (author)
This paper presents a numerical modelling study on the simulation of the cracking process and fracture energy in concrete under high strain rate. To capture the stress wave effect and the damage evolution at the meso-length scale, both a homogeneous model with a millimetre-resolution mesh and an explicit heterogeneous mesoscale model with random...
conference paper 2013
Chen, P. (author), van Veldhoven, E. (author), Sanford, C.A. (author), Salemink, H.W.M. (author), Maas, D.J. (author), Smith, D.A. (author), Rack, P.D. (author), Alkemade, P.F.A. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
A 25 keV focused helium ion beam has been used to grow PtC nanopillars on a silicon substrate by beam-induced decomposition of a (CH<sub>3</sub>) <sub>3</sub>Pt(C<sub>P</sub>CH<sub>3</sub>) precursor gas. The ion beam diameter was about 1 nm. The observed relatively high growth rates suggest that electronic excitation is the dominant mechanism...
article 2010