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Bortolameotti, R. (author), van Ede, T. (author), Caselli, M. (author), Everts, M.H. (author), Hartel, P. (author), Hofstede, R. (author), Jonker, W. (author), Peter, A. (author)
We present DECANTeR, a system to detect anomalous outbound HTTP communication, which passively extracts fingerprints for each application running on a monitored host. The goal of our system is to detect unknown malware and backdoor communication indicated by unknown fingerprints extracted from a host's network traffic. We evaluate a prototype...
conference paper 2017
Griffioen, J. (author), Nederlands Instituut voor Toegepaste Geowetenschappen TNO (author)
Nutrient-rich exfiltrating groundwater may impose a heavy phosphate load on surface water systems. However, iron oxides that bind PO4 precipitate fast upon oxygenation at neutral pH and PO4 may also become bound in Ca precipitates following upon pH increase, so load estimates based on conservative behaviour during exfiltration will be...
article 2006