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Anitori, L. (author), Maleki, A. (author), Otten, M.P.G. (author), Baraniuk, R.G. (author), Hoogeboom, P. (author)
We consider the problem of target detection from a set of Compressed Sensing (CS) radar measurements corrupted by additive white Gaussian noise. We propose two novel architectures and compare their performance by means of Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curves. Using asymptotic arguments and the Complex Approximate Message Passing (CAMP)...
article 2013
Anitori, L. (author), Otten, M.P.G. (author), van Rossum, W.L. (author), Maleki, A. (author), Baraniuk, R. (author)
In this paper we develop the first Compressive Sensing (CS) adaptive radar detector. We propose three novel architectures and demonstrate how a classical Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) detector can be combined with ℓ1-norm minimization. Using asymptotic arguments and the Complex Approximate Message Passing (CAMP) algorithm we characterize the...
conference paper 2012
Gunnink, J.J. (author), Maljers, D. (author), Hummelman, J. (author)
Uncertainty quantification of geological models that are constructed with additional geological expert-knowledge is not straightforward. To construct sound geological 3D layer models we use a lot of additional knowledge, with an uncertainty that is hard to quantify. Examples of geological expert knowledge are trend surfaces that display a...
conference paper 2010