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van de Molengraft-Luijten, M.F.J. (author), Besselink, I.J.M. (author), Verschuren, R.M.A.F. (author), Nijmeijer, H. (author)
The challenge of designing stability control functions for trucks is to guarantee robustness for all variations in truck and trailer combinations. The method proposed in this study can be used to quickly narrow down the number of truck and trailer combinations to a critical set to be evaluated with complex nonlinear simulation software or full...
article 2012
Lorga, J.F.M. (author), van Rossum, W.L. (author), van Halsema, D. (author), Chu, Q.P. (author), Mulder, J.A. (author)
In this paper, the authors propose to describe the development process of a navigation system, concerning Syntectic Aperture Radar (SAR) applications, starting from the motivation for the sensor selection and finalizing with the first flight-test results. Sensors selection was one of the first steps in the design. Motivations for the...
conference paper 2004