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Zillien, C. (author), van Loon, C. (author), Gulpen, M. (author), Tipatet, K. (author), Hanssen, B. (author), Beeltje, H. (author), Roex, E. (author), Oldenkamp, R. (author), Posthuma, L. (author), Ragas, A.M.J. (author)
Over the past decade, the health care sector has becomeincreasingly aware of the impact of pharmaceutical emissions to the environment. Yet, it remains unclearwhich compounds are the most relevant to address and at what point emission control is most effective. This study presents a modelling framework to prioritize pharmaceuticals based on...
article 2019
Shandilya, N. (author), Ligthart, T. (author), van Voorde, I. (author), Stahlmecke, B. (author), Clavaguera, S. (author), Philippot, C. (author), Goede, H. (author)
The shredding of waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and other products, incorporated with nanomaterials, can lead to a substantial release of nanomaterials. Considering the uncertainty, complexity, and scarcity of experimental data on release, we present the development of a Bayesian belief network (BBN) model. This baseline...
article 2018
Karman, C.C. (author), Dept. for Ecological Risk Studies, TNO Inst. Environ., Ener. Proc. I., AB Den Helder, Netherlands (author)
Environmental risk assessment is generally based on the comparison of the exposure concentration of a chemical with the sensitivity of the ecosystems for this chemical. The exposure to this chemical is often assumed to be constant and continuous, while in reality exposure is more likely to be variable and/or intermittent. Several approaches have...
article 2000