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van Iersel, M. (author), Veerman, H.E.T. (author), Cohen, L.H. (author), Benoist, K.W. (author), van Binsbergen, S.A. (author), van Riggelen, F. (author), Peet, B.J.A. (author)
Most models that predict the infrared signature of an object are based on steady-state equilibrium conditions and do not model the dynamic nature of the real world. To gain more understanding of the dynamic infrared signatures of an object, several outdoor experiments were performed, using a CUBI and a small vessel as an object. Dynamic changes...
conference paper 2016
Heyer, A. (author), D'Souza, F. (author), Morales, C.F.L. (author), Ferrari, G. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author), de Wit, J.H.W. (author)
Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) is the term used for the phenomenon in which corrosion is initiated and/or accelerated by the activities of microorganisms. MIC is a very serious problem for the ship industry as it reduces structural lifetime in combination with safety risks for crewmembers or inspection personal and increases...
article 2013
Alapaty, K. (author), Mathur, R. (author), Pleim, J. (author), Hogrefe, C. (author), Rao, S.T. (author), Ramaswamy, V. (author), Galmarini, S. (author), Schaap, M. (author), Makar, P. (author), Vautard, R. (author), Baklanov, A. (author), Kallos, G. (author), Vogel, B. (author), Sokhi, R. (author)
article 2012