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Peschel, A. (author), Jack, R.W. (author), Otto, M. (author), Collins, L.V. (author), Staubitz, P. (author), Nicholson, G. (author), Kalbacher, H. (author), Nieuwenhuizen, W.F. (author), Jung, G. (author), Tarkowski, A. (author), van Kessel, K.P.M. (author), van Strijp, J.A.G. (author)
Defensins, antimicrobial peptides of the innate immune system, protect human mucosal epithelia and skin against microbial infections and are produced in large amounts by neutrophils. The bacterial pathogen Staphylococcus aureus is insensitive to defensins by virtue of an unknown resistance mechanism. We describe a novel staphylococcal gene, mprF...
article 2001
van der Waaij, D. (author), Vossen, J.M. (author), Korthals Altes, C. (author), Hartgrink, C. (author), Radiobiologisch Instituut TNO (author)
Antibiotic decontamination of the digestive tract can suppress or eliminate all microorganisms in this tract that are sensitive to the antibiotics used for decontamination. Experimental work in animals has indicated that colonization resistance (CR) decreases to extremely low values during decontamination as a result of the suppression of the...
article 1977