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Mirzaie Yegane, M. (author), Hashemi, F. (author), Vercauteren, F. (author), Meulendijks, N. (author), Gharbi, R. (author), Boukany, P.E. (author), Zitha, P. (author)
Water-soluble polyacrylamides have often been used to modify flow response in various water-based technologies and industrial processes, including paints, water treatment, paper manufacturing, and chemical enhanced oil recovery. Polymers are susceptible to degradation at combined high salinity and elevated temperature conditions which limits...
article 2020
Muller, C. (author), Maldonado, A.G. (author), Varnek, A. (author), Creton, B. (author)
Each oil reservoir could be characterized by a set of parameters such as temperature, pressure, oil composition, and brine salinity, etc. In the context of the chemical enhanced oil recovery (EOR), the selection of high performance surfactants is a challenging and time-consuming task since this strongly depends on the reservoir's conditions. The...
article 2015