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Thurlings, M.E. (author), Brouwer, A.M. (author), van Erp, J.B.F. (author), Blankertz, B. (author), Werkhoven, P.J. (author)
Event-related potential (ERP)-based brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) employ differences in brain responses to attended and ignored stimuli. Typically, visual stimuli are used. Tactile stimuli have recently been suggested as a gaze-independent alternative. Bimodal stimuli could evoke additional brain activity due to multisensory integration which...
article 2012
van Lieshout, P.S. (author), de Jonge, V. (author), Vredeveldt, A.W. (author), Finner, S. (author)
Introducing alternative fuels on board has many far stretching implications for ship operators, authorities, fuel suppliers, equipment suppliers, engine manufacturers, ship builders and naval architects. In most cases such parties are not familiar with these new fuels. Hence a need exists for them for a means to quickly familiarize oneself with...
report 2020