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Gómez, S.S. (author), Metrikine, A.V. (author)
In this paper, the energy dissipated in a tall building is identified by means of the energy flow analysis. This approach allows assessing energy dissipation within a specific domain or element of the structure. In this work, the focus is placed on the superstructure, which is the part of the building above the ground, and on the foundation....
article 2019
Talib, I. (author), Bronkhorst, A.J. (author), Pruiksma, J.P. (author), Suiker, A. (author)
Damping is an important parameter in the calculation of vibrations in high-rise buildings. This research presents a verification study of the Energy Flow Analysis as identification tool for damping in high rise buildings. The study investigates the magnitude of the error that can be expected with some of the assumptions and simplifications made...
conference paper 2019
Gómez, S.S. (author), Metrikine, A. (author), Carboni, B. (author), Lacarbonara, W. (author)
In this paper, identification of energy dissipation in the joints of a lab-scale structure is accomplished. The identification is carried out by means of an energy flow analysis and experimental data. The devised procedure enables to formulate an energy balance in the vicinity of the joints to obtain local energy dissipation. In this paper, a...
article 2018