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Kupper, F. (author), Mentink, P. (author), Avramis, N. (author), Meima, N. (author), Lazovik, E. (author), Wilkins, S. (author), Willems, F. (author)
Self-learning energy management is a promising concept, which optimizes real-world system performance by automated, on-line adaptation of control settings. In this work, the potential of self-learning capabilities related to optimization is studied for energy management in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). These vehicles are of great...
conference paper 2022
Kessels, J.T.B.A. (author), Willems, F.P.T. (author), Spronkmans, S.J. (author)
Energy management in modern vehicles typically relates to optimizing the powerflow in the (hybrid) powertrain, whereas emission management is associated with the combustion engine and its aftertreatment system. To achieve maximum performance in both fuel economy and hazardous emissions, the concept of Integrated Powertrain Control (IPC) is...
conference paper 2011