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Li, C. (author), Mogollon, J.M. (author), Tukker, A. (author), Steubing, B. (author)
Continuous reduction in the levelized cost of energy is driving the rapid development of offshore wind energy (OWE). It is thus important to evaluate, from an environmental perspective, the implications of expanding OWE capacity on a global scale. Nevertheless, this assessment must take into account various scenarios for the growth of different...
article 2022
Hauck, M. (author), Sair, A.A. (author), Steinmann, Z. (author), Visschedijk, A. (author), O'Connor, D. (author), Denier van der Gon, H. (author)
The carbon footprint of shale gas combusted in Europe was estimated from nine European shale gas plays as potential production regions. Greenhouse gas emission sources during shale gas production, such as fugitives from hydraulic fracturing or combustion emissions from horizontal drilling, were added to emissions occurring for conventional gas...
article 2019
Nielsen, J.J. (author), Ganem, H. (author), Jorguseski, L. (author), Alic, K. (author), Smolnikar, M. (author), Zhu, Z. (author), Pratas, N.K. (author), Golinski, M. (author), Zhang, H. (author), Kuhar, U. (author), Fan, Z. (author), Svigelj, A. (author)
Electricity production and distribution is facing two major changes. First, production is shifting from classical energy sources such as coal and nuclear power toward renewable resources such as solar and wind. Second, consumption in the low voltage grid is expected to grow significantly due to the expected introduction of electrical vehicles....
article 2017