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Bezem, J. (author)
We studied a novel triage approach to the organisation of routine assessments by Preventive Child Health care (PCH), including task-shifting among professionals. In the triage approach, access to PCH, and the detection of the health problems studied, were comparable with the usual approach. The efficient deployment of PCH professionals using...
doctoral thesis 2017
Bezem, J. (author), Theunissen, M. (author), Buitendijk, E.S. (author), Kocken, P.L. (author)
Background The coverage of preventive health assessments for children is pivotal to the system of preventive health screening. A novel method of triage was introduced in the Preventive Youth Health Care (PYHC) system in the Netherlands with an associated shift of tasks of professionals. Doctor’s assistants carried out pre-assessments to identify...
article 2014