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Stadler, K. (author), Wood, R. (author), Bulavskaya, T. (author), Södersten, C.J. (author), Simas, M. (author), Schmidt, S. (author), Usubiaga, A. (author), Acosta-Fernández, J. (author), Kuenen, J. (author), Bruckner, M. (author), Giljum, S. (author), Lutter, S. (author), Merciai, S. (author), Schmidt, J.H. (author), Theurl, M.C. (author), Plutzar, C. (author), Kastner, T. (author), Eisenmenger, N. (author), Erb, K.H. (author), de Koning, A. (author), Tukker, A. (author)
Environmentally extended multiregional input-output (EE MRIO) tables have emerged as a key framework to provide a comprehensive description of the global economy and analyze its effects on the environment. Of the available EE MRIO databases, EXIOBASE stands out as a database compatible with the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)...
article 2018
Tukker, A. (author), Bulavskaya, T. (author), Giljum, S. (author), de Koning, A. (author), Lutter, S. (author), Simas, M. (author), Stadler, K. (author), Wood, R. (author)
The European Union (EU) has proposed in its Resource-efficiency roadmap a ‘dashboard of indicators’ consisting of four headline indicators for carbon, water, land and materials. The EU recognizes the need to use a consumption-based (or ‘footprint’) perspective to capture the global dimension of resources and their impacts. In this paper, we...
article 2016